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Mark S.-

At the beginning of the pandemic I injured my right knee. After consulting medical doctors I was told nothing was torn or broken and I just needed to let it heal. As a result of not being able to walk very well in being in virtual lockdown for two years both of my knees and legs became very stiff and painful to the point that I could barely walk. Then I was referred to Terry for intramuscular scraping. I know it sounds painful, but it is not. On the contrary, from the first session I began to get immediate relief from the stabbing pain in my knees. Malaise became more flexible. It has been amazing. Now I am working out three times a week. I have resumed a normal lifestyle and my knees and legs have recovered at least 90% of their pre-pandemic strength and flexibility. It's been only one month since my first session with Terry. I don't know how it works, but it does. I highly recommend this form of rehabilitative therapy.

Hayley Haws-

My quality of life before I went to Terry was very poor. I was suffering with alot of pain throughout my body, especially in my back and left shoulder. I had seved in the army on active duty for 4 years, so my body had suffered a lot, physically.  My low back had extensive pain due to an injury which caused tightness and muscle aches. I also was suffering from a labrum tear and rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder at the time. I eventually had shoulder surgery to repair the tears, and Terry was paramount in how I recovered from that surgery. Terry would use the Thera Gun on my back and shoulder area. The difference before and after utilizing the Thera Gun was quite significant. Tightness was significantly reduced in my range of motion was increased. He also scraped both, my back in several areas in my left shoulder. The scraping is what truly expedited my healing and recovery. He worked on my shoulder extensively and every time I would go into physical therapy they would tell me how far ahead I was in my recovery. My range of motion was always ahead of where the average will be at the time. For my back the scraping helped alleviate nearly all the tightness I had. It allowed me to have a normal daily life without chronic pain. I was able to get back to doing what I love quicker than if I would not have had Terry's help. I have been a client for over a year and my quality of life has improved significantly. I would not be where I am now physically if it weren't for his help and expertise. I recommend him to anyone who is suffering from an injury or has chronic pain.


Jody Dalton-

I have been training with Terry for eight years. A couple of years ago I began experiencing knee pain on a regular basis. Terry began using Kinesio Taping to treat my knee pain which, after several weeks of use resolved my knee pain. A few months ago I developed stiffness in my neck which restricted my range of motion. Terry was able to scrape my neck which relieve the pain I was feeling in my neck and restored my range of motion.

C. Richwine-

I have osteoarthritis in my knee and Terry's use of Kinesio Taping has been instrumental in helping with the soreness, stiffness and pain in my knee. After several months, I'm now able to run and can enjoy working out again.


I had never experienced scraping before and Terry alleviated my fears and helped me to understand my needs before he began. I was experiencing tremendous pain in my shoulder having injured it while training. The pain was keeping me up at night and very noticeable at work during the day. His technique provided me with immediate relief from the first session! Terry's scraping allowed me to move it with much less difficulty and I was very happy with the results.


Ryan R.-

I came to Terry after my brother and his girlfriend had a lot of success with his Blades Scraping. I had been dealing with knee pain as well as hamstring tightness for a couple of years. After I visited Terry, my knee felt tremendously better as well as my hamstring.

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