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  • This is a manual therapy that utilizes a specific techniques using blades scraping that helps minimize the visual appearance of cellulite on the skin as well as under the skin.

  • This type of scraping is not painful. It may be uncomfortable if a client has sensitive skin or slight muscle soreness

  • The client must be scraped twice a week for maximum results with a 48 hour/2 day rest period in between the scraping sessions. The available days is Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. Each session lasts 1 hour.

  • There is currently a pack of 6, 9, 12, and 18 sessions that can be purchased.

  • Each client will get a complimentary professional exercise prescription written by me, that will help increase their results within the scraping performed by me. The exercise movements can be done in the home. If needed, I will go over each movement so each client will understand the proper technique involved withing each movement and how to properly engage those primary muscle to get the full benefits.

  • It is important to understand that every person is different so the results that someone can get in 6 sessions might be different for someone else and it might take 9 or even 12 sessions to get the same results. Many factors can play a role in this like if the lymph system is working properly getting fluid in out of the body and how much waste there is as well as the amount and thickness of adhesions there are in the connective tissue.


Melissa C.


I did 6 sessions of scraping with Terry where he scraped the back of both my legs where I have cellulite and horizontal lines after lipo gone south.

The appearance of that area is so much better! I actually wore bathing suits this summer and did not feel near as self-conscious about the way the back of my looked!

Before 1st session

After last/6th session


Before 1st session (Left Leg)


After 6th session (Left Leg)


Before 1st session (Right Leg)


After 6th session (Right Leg)

Crystal Q.

I was new to learning about leg scraping and completed the full 6 sessions. Both of the back of my legs had cellulite and Terry worked on them both during the hour each session. It minimized the look of the cellulite each week and the final appearance of my legs began to smooth out. 

I can even tell that I do not feel the gravely feeling in my legs and looking and feeling so much better!!

Before 1st session


After last/6th session

Amy S.

I was pretty skeptical. I have tried EVERYTHING for my cellulite! All of the creams, gadgets as well as the latest fads. I've wasted tons of time and money for literally zero results. I run, lift weights and really keep an eye on my health and fitness, so cellulite has been the most frustrating obstacle for me. I have literally struggled with cellulite since I was a teenager.

Seeing results was pretty overwhelming to be honest. I am very satisfied! 5 out of 5 stars.

Before 1st session
After last/8th session
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