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About Me

About Me

Hello, my name is Terry Thompson, and I grew up on a cattle farm 20 minutes northwest of Tahlequah Oklahoma. My brother and I worked side by side with our mom, dad, and uncle on the farm. Because of the work that I grew up doing on the farm it has helped me in building a good work ethic and dedication in order to achieve my short-term goals that allowed me to achieve my long-term goals.  I have always enjoyed playing sports as well as watching sports on television. Because of my passion for sports, I have always wanted to help people improve their fitness and health through exercise.


Shortly after finishing my undergraduate degree, I received my first personal training certification with American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). This certification allowed me to start my career in personal training here in Tulsa Oklahoma where I am still a Personal Trainer. During my path of personal training, I have received many certifications which include: ACSM (personal training), Olympic Lifting (USAW), Corrective Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, Ground Force Methods, Kinesiology Taping, Band Flossing, Blades Scraping, Advanced Blades Scraping. 

Because of my passion for wanting to help improve each individual's health and quality of life I became obsessed with wanting to learn more. I started diving more into how the body moves and the restrictions that are placed on it because of a sedentary lifestyle, overactive lifestyle, and hereditary genes that involve neuromuscular disorders like Parkinson's, Muscular Dystrophy, and Multiple Sclerosis.

I have learned many things throughout my health and fitness career but one of the things that I have learned that is extremely important for each of us has to do with the Connective Tissue of our body's. Connective tissue of our body's is also called Fascia.

Fascia is a casing of connective tissue that surrounds our body's, and this consists of our organ's, blood vessels, bones, nerve fibers, and muscles. This means that it provides structure to our body's which allows us to stretch and move properly for our activities of daily living (adl's). Healthy fascia is smooth, slippery, and flexible. Through a sedentary lifestyle (not moving or being inactive) as well as being very or overactive can cause our fascia to become sticky/gummy and wad up (called adhesions). This can also happen with repetitive movements. Adhesions can also happen during trauma such as surgery or injury.

My passion is to help people and a great way for me to help more people in a significantly in-depth way is to help release their fascia. 




Northeastern State University

My Undergaduate degree is in Health and Human Performance (HHP).

My minor is in Business.


Northeastern State University

Master's in science. This degree is in Health and Kinesiology. My Capstone paper is on Muscular Dystrophy. A capstone paper is a study which allows a student to show off what they have learned during their time in the degree program. The Capstone paper is also important because this paper will allow you to graduate or not.

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